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Our advisors have a vast amount of experience within different sectors and can advise on ideation, start-ups, growth stage enterprises & nonprofits to name a few. Their role in Impact Hub Harare is invaluable and their direct advice and expertise is granular. They offer specific feedback to specific questions about both the inner workings of our organisation and external functions.

Nhena Nyagura

Kelli Schindelegger

Alain De Cat

Hubertus Von Drabich

Jackie Hussein

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Our mentors act as role models for Impact Hub Harare and its members. They are proficient in both emotional intelligence and the challenges that organisations face at different stages. Every member has different needs and we tailor our mentorship program to those specific needs. At Impact Hub Harare, we encourage mentees to seek out mentorship according to identified needs and appropriate it.


           Linda Maduwura




             Chanda Mafuka



              Rebecca Burdon