Be You Art Exhibition

Featured Artists

Pedro Alberto Julião

Pedro was born in Maputo Mozambique.  He studied art at the National School of Visual Arts in Maputo and is a self-taught artist.  He graduated with a degree in Anthropology in 2015.  In 2015, he also held an individual exhibition entitled “Janelas do Utero (Windows of the Womb)” a poetic description of birth and existence.  Pedro is an artist and research collaborator of Kaleidoscoopio – Research in Public Policy and Culture and is also teaching social science.  Pedro has participated in the Slow Art Project sponsored by the University of Pretoria in South Africa, which focuses on the use of up-cycled material in creating works of art.

Christine Ndoro

Christine’s work is mostly inspired by social commentary and she uses the medium that best expresses her ideas.  Christine is an artist because she has seen that art moves mountains, it transforms and can shape perspectives.  It questions, it enlightens and it is constant.  Christine aspires to become an Art Therapist working with women and children in Zimbabwe.

Kennedy Famba

Kennedy grew up in Bulawayo and found that photography provided a release for the words that he could not express in writing or speech.  Kennedy loves to capture everyday life and illustrate the beauty that is often ignored right in front of citizen’s lives.  Kennedy hopes to communicate a message that says that a brighter tomorrow awaits beyond the dark shadow of today.

Tariro Shoko

Tariro’s inspiration to become an artist goes back to Grade 2 in Masvingo where a friend encouraged her to pursue art as a career.  For Tariro, art is freedom to express who she is – what she feels, thinks and observes.  Art is her voice and speaks for her visually when she cannot find the words to express what she feels deep within.  She hopes to open an art school that can pass on the torch of liberation through art and lead to the uncovering of hidden talents and gifts in the next generation.

Auntony Zinyange

I am passionate about visual storytelling particularly the stories of those facing socio-economic challenges in our communities.  Stories that bring out the humane side of ordinary people in difficult circumstances are of particular interest to me.  In the end, we are all the same with similar hopes and dreams for our lives.  I hope to share my ability with other artists who have similar interests in social justice and seek rich collaborations that can thrust these issues to the forefront of public discourse.

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