Zimbabwean children are coding and building robots with the best of them. At Impact Hub Harare, we concur with the old adage “Age ain’t nothing but a number” especially when it comes to making a positive impact in the world.  From the youngest of children, to the oldest gogo (grandmother), Go ahead
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The special weekend filled with tears of joy, dancing and loads of laughter, the 12 th of May marked the official launch of the ‘Vessel of Love Initiative’ at Impact Hub Harare. As the first event, themed, “Mother’s Day with a Difference”. Vessel of love celebrated motherhood by hosting a Go ahead
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The much anticipated and soundingly exciting annual Facebook Developers Conference otherwise  known as the F8 Party was held on the 1st-2nd of May this year. The major conference was held in San  Francisco, CA and Facebook Developer Circles around the world gathered for their ‘mini F8 Meetups’ featuring  live streaming Go ahead
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On Friday 20 April 2018, we had the pleasure of holding the Nike Grind Circular Innovation Challenge brainstorming session. This session brought in creative and passionate minds from the Impact Hub community whose ideas are prominent to making the world a better place. Nike Grind is a premium palette of Go ahead
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Have you ever been intimidated to join a developer’s circle because you are not quite a guru yet? Don’t be. At the Developer Circles from Facebook: Harare, the door is open for experts and beginners. The goal is to encourage more people to get into technology and remove the fear. Go ahead
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