COVID 19 Design Challenges

COVID 19 Design Challenges

Covid 19 Design Challenges

How can we make the time that we are spending at home useful during the COVID 19 crisis? Do you have ideas on how to improve the lives of Zimbabwean people during and after the Pandemic?  Be part of the solution and sign up for the COVID 19 Design Challenge #Design4Zim!

A collective of local ecosystem players including TechVillage, Impact Hub Harare, Stimulus and ACT in Africa are inviting individuals or teams to compete in a fortnightly, entirely online design challenge where you and your team members can submit innovative solutions to the problems posed by the COVID-19 pandemic. Anyone from within or outside Zimbabwe can participate.

Over the course of the challenge, you will work on some of the most urgent problems facing Zimbabwe today. The challenges we will share with you every fortnight have been validated by subject matter experts. This is a real problem happening in real time, and therefore, solutions to these challenges must have the potential for timely and cost-effective impact in the fight against COVID-19.

Solutions submitted will be assessed by representatives of the Collective, subject-matter experts, health care providers, and other frontline actors who can provide guidance on the practicality and impact of the solutions, resources required for development, and connections for further growth.

The winner of the challenge will be given the resources necessary to develop and implement the proposed solution, and will also be awarded a US$50 cash prize (if you are a team of 2 people each team member would receive US$25). The spirit of the competition is to contribute to the global war against COVID-19.




The Ground Rules:

The organizers wish to see effective solutions make an impact as quickly as possible but also as safely as possible. Please observe social distancing guidelines and any other relevant regulation or decree at all times.

The Submission Criteria and Process:

  1. This Challenge is open to everyone above the age of 16!
  2. You can submit your ideas in the form of a 2 to 3 page word or PDF document, or in no more than 5 PowerPoint slides. Please include names, mobile numbers and emails of the individual/teams, bios of the individual/ team, problem outline, solution description, how it addresses the problem, sketches, screenshots or pictures of a homemade prototype, and resources required.
  3. If applicable, please make sure your solutions meet the relevant WHO standards.
  4. The submission must be emailed to on the stipulated deadline on the challenge poster before 23:59.

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