Design4Zim Final Challenge

Design4Zim Final Challenge

We can’t believe how time has flown by as we conduct our fourth and final challenge. This final challenge will focus on solutions tailored towards the informal sector during and beyond this crisis.

The Design4zim team (@StimulusAfrica @ImpactHubHarare @ACTinAfrica @techvillagezw) will be focusing on helping the four challenge winners develop their ideas. Please stay tuned for updates on their progress on Design4Zim

A very big congratulations to the #design4zim Challenge 3 winners Ashleigh Hlambelo and Tanatswa Muchakwa for being the winning submissions out of 13 applications from the past fortnight.

The challenge was “how might we improve access to education for primary and secondary students in the rural areas during pandemics?” Both Ashleigh Hlambelo and Tanatswa Muchakwa have come up with a concept to reach multiple rural students and give them access to education material during and post the COVID19 outbreak.

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