Facebook Developers Circle

Developers Circles connect communities to develop the future. Participants attend local meetups, collaborate in Facebook Groups and learn about the latest Facebook technologies. Whatever you build, Developer Circles connects you to collaborate, learn, and code with other local developers. Impact Hub Harare hosts monthly meetups & provides hackathon space for Facebook Developers Circles challenges.

Dev C: Build Day, Community Challenge

Did you know that hackathons aren’t  just for coders? Yes, it’s true! Hackathons are platforms that bring together coders, designers, engineers, entrepreneurs and many other people in various professions to come up with real life solutions to real life problems. Hackathons align with Facebook’s  mission to connect everyone & impact the world through technological solutions. …
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F8 Party Harare Meetup

The much anticipated and soundingly exciting annual Facebook Developers Conference otherwise  known as the F8 Party was held on the 1st-2nd of May this year. The major conference was held in San  Francisco, CA and Facebook Developer Circles around the world gathered for their ‘mini F8 Meetups’ featuring  live streaming of the keynote speaker form …
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