Incubation programming

Impact Hub Harare offers social-impact-driven businesses, initiatives and individuals across all sectors access to local and international mentors and investors. We link our community with opportunities for growth and scaled impact.

Benefits of our programmes:

•Mentorship from local & international experts

•Technical training and workshops

•Idea & product testing

Our programmes are based on participatory leadership principles and co-creation. We believe in collaboration and community.

Hire a Hack

Firstly, no you are not hiring criminals for this service so you can relax.

"Traditionally a hackathon is defined as an event where programmers meet to do collaborative computer programming.” -Wikipedia .

Nowadays, a hackathon is an event where individuals come together to form professional brain storming groups aimed at solving social problems or coming up with new ideas. No problem is too big or too small to hack.

Impact Hub Harare provides a platform on which individuals, small to medium as well as large organisations can bring their prototype products in for testing and evaluation. From computer-based programmes to physical products  we have a solution for you to run an effective test.

Hackathons can be conducted to develop and improve ideas, concepts or product prototypes.  We are a community of social innovation hackers, for the greater good.



Impact Hub Harare is fully equipped to undertake local, regional and international research projects. Research services can be extended to other African countries with a local Impact Hub including Mali, Ghana, Sierra Leone, Rwanda, South Africa, Sudan, Kenya and Nigeria.

By providing precise information on key social development issues we are able to identify areas that require attention and act as implementation agents as well. The fundamental development areas are broad ranging from sustainable food production schemes to leadership education in marginalised communities.


Head Hunting

Human capital is the central feature of any organisation. By identifying individuals within our community of social-impact driven organisations and individuals with the right skills and mindset, we cross pollinate the ecosystem of do-gooders and foster sustainability.

Event planning and facilitation

Impact Hub Harare has creative and dedicated hubbers who are willing to work alongside you in order to make your event a success. We provide event space as well as planning services for social good. We work with facilitators trained in the Art of Hosting and Theory U principles.Whether it is a team building exercise, or a large community event, we are ready to make your event meaningful and unique.

Business planning

If you have a business idea and need some help in making it make sense, we’re the right match for you. Developing a strong business plan for your idea is essential. Impact Hub Harare can assist in helping you to create a tailor made business plan that builds a solid and clear path to success.