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Youth 4 Climate Action

The topic of climate change has been discussed widely through the years,  policies and strategies have been formed to mitigate the cause and effects of this phenomenon. In all these discussions, the voice of the youth has been minimal or rather muted in comparison to the participation of other stakeholders. The Youth for Climate Action […]

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One Money Hackathon Launch

The One Money Hackathon event, sponsored by NetOne, TelOne, Finmark Trust and Elevate Trust was held from Friday 13 th to 15 th of July at the TelOne Center for Learning. At the launch breakfast, Mr. Spencer Manguwa of NetOne underlined five reasons behind implementing a hackathon in Zimbabwe at this point in time including; […]

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Seedstars Africa Finalists

Seedstars Africa Finalists After another year in which the Seedstars World teams traveled to over 80+ countries around the world and over 20 of them on the African continent with the mission to find the best tech startups in emerging markets, we are now just weeks away of hosting our third Africa Summit in Maputo, Mozambique on December 14th. The […]

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