Impact Hub Harare’s Trust under the name “Impact Zimbabwe”, focuses on the philanthropic arm of Impact Hub Harare which conducts charitable activities in-house and also supports and raises funds and resources for external local charitable organisations and start-ups.


Impact Zimbabwe is a Trust for Trusts acting as a bridge between smaller organisations and charities connecting them to our global network of investors and supporters. Impact Hub Harare provides investors with the Monitoring and Evaluation requirements they need and capacity to administratively oversee and vet start-ups and charitable organisations.  

We recognise that some small organisations cannot access the larger support because of limited administrative resources and processes and they may not have the absorptive capacity to accept the minimums required for larger organisations; in this situation we step in and either distribute the grants or support among several smaller organisations or work with them specifically on the programme to fulfil both their requirements and those of the donors.  We work across Zimbabwe, across all sectors of the economy in line with the SDGs. The Trust is for the betterment of #people and #planet in a sustainable way.

We Organize Our
Production Process

I am Zimbabwe and I am Mbare, we raised friends for them to move to a larger space to accommodate over 200 orphans and valuable children. We have taught their children and teacher tech skills including computer programming. We have supported sports programming and festivals as well as partnered with other organisations for treatment and food packs of some victims of poverty and abuse. Helped fundraise 75 bicycles for COVID Response

Trained the adolescent mothers to use computers and provided food for them. We have raised grant funding and investment for startups in our community.

We created a netball team for young women and mothers in Mbare and Epworth in order for them to have an outlet and a conducive environment for them to lean on each other as women and provide each other opportunities.

We raised food packs including mealie-meal and cooking oil  for cyclone Idai victims and made the donation to Miracle Missions. Some organisations we have worked with on philanthropic activities include:

  • I am Zimbabwe 
  • Tariro Trust
  • Tree Knowers and Growers
  • Chartan Girls