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Impact Hub is a social business incubator, an innovation lab, a social enterprise community center, and the global network of resources, inspiration and opportunities. We're little hard to pin down and we have a whole lot of potential to grow the positive impact of your work.

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Join a trusted community of like-minded peers, partners, and supporters to exchange thoughts and collaborate on projects. Our online member social network, Hubnet, is a hosted place where trust is inherent, resources are shared globally and genuine connection supersedes self-branding and promotion.


We provide a range of programmes as part of our ongoing commitment to developing and supporting the success of our members worldwide. Our programmes will aim to accelerate your learning, meet great talent and connect with new collaborators.


Participate in an event, workshop or extended program to foster collaborative learning and thought leadership. Each Impact Hub offers various events from fun feasts to business clinics that inspire and connect members and their community.

Connecting Local Innovators

With membership members will be linked to local and international investors to help develop their ideas and make them a reality.

The Impact Hub Global Community believes….

We're the Social Impact People !

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