Bridges for Enterprises

Bridges for Enterprise is an international non-profit organisation based at the University of Cambridge that provides a free incubation programme (consisting of consulting, financial and legal services) to social enterprise start-ups in developing countries. They match your organisation with consultants from the world’s most prestigious universities and professional mentors to deliver strategic advice for your business and work with you to make your enterprise investor-ready.

By joining this programme, start-ups will have access to the following services free of charge:

  1. Consultant Services: Formulating an investment proposal with them and offering strategic advice tailored to their most pressing business needs
  2. Entrepreneurship Development: Connecting them with business mentors and links to resources relevant to their business
  3. Investment Advisory: Crowd funding, resources on grant funding, exclusive network of impact investors. All capital raised will go directly to start-ups.
  4. Alumni Networks: They will join our alumni start-up network, which could potentially lead to larger scale capital raising through direct investment