“The most important thing is to be honest with yourself, you cannot change society unless you change yourself.” ~ Nelson Mandela

Future Leaders Global is officially in Africa – with Impact Hub Harare and Zimbabwe as its first stop on its journey.

Summer is slowly entering Harare, carrying with it its wonderful warmth and lustrous colours. While the Jacarandas leaves are out in full bloom, the streets of Harare remain abuzz with vendors trying to make a living, rising prices, cash shortages, sky-high unemployment and the occasional luxury 4×4 vehicle making its way along the busy main roads.

As the government scrambles to rectify these issues for a new and better Zimbabwe, Impact Hub Harare has become the home of Future Leaders Global Harare, a new and bold approach to leadership development that calls for the celebration of an empathetic response to leadership, placing the individual learning journey centre-stage.

What makes the Future Leaders leadership journey different from most other leadership development programmes is how it is experiential in its form as well as the emphasis placed on process. It is true that we are leadership academia nerds, and our curriculum is based on experts in the field, gathering the best of international and local expertise on self- and relational leadership development. However, in as much as we are passionate about the content of the curriculum we deliver to our participants, the delivery is just as important, if not even more important. At Future Leaders we are not inviting you to sit in a conference room and cram fancy quotes from historic leadership personalities. We are inviting you to take part in a highly practical, participatory, challenging and experiential learning journey. Which, from a participant’s point of view, means hard work.

Future leaders global | Impact Hub Harare

The pilot in Harare kicked off on Saturday 22nd of September. 12 candidates out of 200 applicants made it through to the program. The workshop ran as smoothly as a leadership course could run until Future Leaders Pioneer Namatai Kwekweza, an entrepreneur herself, encouraged everyone to scratch everything they know about leadership. That is when the confusion kicked in. Because what do self-discovery and self-leadership have to do with leadership anyway? Kwekweza’s words resonated very well, and the following is some of the wisdom she shared with the rest of the group that Saturday morning at Impact Hub Harare:

“Self-discovery comes before self-leadership and this is because as a person you are forever in an eternal relationship with yourself. The moment you fall into a state of personal disconnect means that you will fall into a disconnect with the rest of the world. Chaos does not start on the outside but on the inside of each one of us. This is also true for peace, it starts on the internal state of one individual and spills over to the rest of the world. Therefore, internal states are very important.”

We’re grateful to Impact Hub Harare for supporting this leadership programme which we believe is crucial for the healthy development of nations. The programme will continue to run at Impact Hub Harare in the foreseeable future and if you want to know more about us please visit our Facebook Page at @FLGHarare

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