The subject of waste management and recycling remains fundamental to our daily lives. Evidence has been recorded that consumption and the disposal of solid and hazardous waste continues to increase in relation to a growing global population.

The Accelerate2030 programme was a true highlight as we met some of the most amazing social change makers. These game changers are taking on the challenge to create solutions to pressing social issues such as renewable energy, sustainable farming methods and revolutionary educational approaches.

Nine years ago Helen Davidson, founder of Refuse Collection Services, made a remarkable suggestion to her husband that as they collect their home garbage close neighbours would appreciate having their garbage collected simultaneously. Due to the 2008 hyperinflation, local collection services were unavailable. Before she knew it, Helen and her husband were collecting garbage from 50 households on a weekly basis. This series of events eventually lead to the establishment of Refuse Collection Services, one of the leading recyclables and waste collection enterprises in the country.

Refuse Collection Services has combined a unique set of processes in order to provide sustainable waste management and recycling solutions to households and businesses. Individuals and organisations are able to receive tailored waste management and recycling services based on a weekly, biweekly and or monthly basis. Waste is collected and taken to Pomona Dump while recyclables are firstly assorted and finally sold locally to companies or exported to South Africa, India and China.

“Every little bit really does count!” says Helen Davidson. This serves as an indication of her growing passion for the environment stating that her greatest highlight thus far has been her expanding knowledge for all things recyclable. This ultimately has translated into an infatuation with creating public awareness and encouraging individuals to become eco-enthusiasts.

The keen participation of people and organisations in the recycling initiative will be self-perpetuating as the awareness becomes widespread and a greater number of people begin to consider their waste and recycle. Helen affirms that if nationally over the next five years we can reduce the amount of recyclables kept out of the dump by five percent this will be a huge achievement. Currently, the figures are not at all whole numbers. Preceding results are a key indication that greater efforts are required locally to begin reducing waste and increasing recyclables.


Refuse Collection Services over the next few years will be taking effective steps to increase the volumes of recyclables and waste collected. Funding and investment support remain a key subject as Helen outlines that through active support Refuse Collection Services will be able to establish Transfer Stations. Refuse Collection Services is setting out to demonstrate the active responsibility we all need to take in order sustain a commonly shared home.


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