What are we doing to combat COVID-19?

Dear Impact Hub Family,


Our world is defined by community. We are connected and interdependent despite the fallacy of difference used to justify othering. The Corona Virus pandemic has confirmed that we are all…wait for it…human.


The pandemic does not, as we often do, discriminate; princes, presidents, paupers–the entire homo-sapien community has been affected. There is no safe haven, and because we are so global, if we do not eradicate the virus in one place, it will re-emerge everywhere. It is insidious. It knows no borders, or superficial differences such as ethnicity. It follows then that despite our perceived differences, in order to fight this scourge successfully and build a better world, we must do it together. The entire community should respond to eradicate the virus and mitigate its effects on our lives.


Working together as a unit to survive this pandemic and discover new ways of being is critical. We should all contribute to the present to support those who need it most, those for whom a lockdown means no food as they live hand to mouth. However, as we diligently work on the present, we must also focus on the immediate future, to recover from the socio-economic hits that have already cost people so much.

Small businesses have shut down and systems have collapsed, the need for innovation and a social impact ecosystem including small businesses, government and international organisations has never been greater. We need to jointly invest in the next steps for the good of all and collaboratively rebuild our world and our lives. This is a call for Ubunthu where social innovation is going to be at the center of our new world.
Let’s get to work!

Here's what we are doing to combat COVID-19

Steps Taken

In attempt to be part of the solution to the COVID 19 crisis ACT in Africa, Impact Hub Harare, Stimulus and TechVillage
 Are putting forward a set of fortnight design challenges to crowdsource ideas from citizens in a proactive and engaging manner.
We have participated in the #AfricaVsVirus challenge. 
The AfDB #AfricaVsVirus Challenge is creating an online platform in order to promote the fast and innovative co-creation of solutions to help African countries address some of their most pressing issues amidst the coronavirus pandemic.

Founders Live podcast.

Our latest edition of Founders Live, Founders Live Volume 9,  was focusing on businesses that can help combat Covid19 or improve life after the pandemic. 


From that Nick Hughes the founder of Founders Live was joined on his podcast by Auxicillia Rabwi Business Dev associate and Tadzoka Pswarayi our CEO of Impact Hub Harare.

Auxicillia and Tadzoka who both are also the Founders Live Harare, Zimbabwe City Leaders.