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Team Zimbots “out-codes” the giants with engineering dexterity

The 4th Industrial revolution is taking the world by storm and Impact Hub Harare is proud to be supporting eight Zimbabwean prodigies doing it big in the artificial intelligence realm.

This July eight innovative Zimbabwean techies took part in the inaugural FIRST Global robotics challenge held in Washington DC. “Team Zimbabwe” as they were branded, a reminder to all Zimbabweans that they were raising the flag high, not just for themselves the nation as a whole, and its promising technological evolution.

The Zimbabwean team was represented by students from Harare High School, Tynwald High School, St Georges College and Prince Edward School. Gamuchirai Nechitima, Vimbayi Mwayera, Tariro Muzowaka, Gabriel Matemba, Gustav Kativu, Anotidaishe Ndachena, Tinotendaishe Mapondera and Nelson Mujere made up Team Zimbabwe. Students were selected as a result of their prior experience in coding, science and robotics at school clubs.

A total of 163 countries were present including continental teams Africa, Asia and Oceania. Team Zimbabwe was prepared to make its mark and battle it out with the giants. Students from all over the world were tasked to design and build a robot for a game design solving one of the 14 Global Grand Challenges.

Team Zimbabwe came up with a simple yet very efficient and precise robot for maximum ball collection and other functionalities including; free hanging on a bar 0.75m high according to the game design. Each team participated in 6 matches. Zimbabwe won 5 out of the 6 matches. Team Zimbabwe went on to battle it out with STEAM giants Russia and USA where they emerged as winners.

Who said girls cannot code? Team Zimbabwe’s Tariro Sandra Muzowaka is certainly setting an example that women are surely “tech-ing” over, ensuring that Team Zimbabwe’s robot made no mistake responding to the zeros and ones. Techwomen and other innovation communities continue their efforts locally to involve young girls and women in tech initiatives providing them with equal opportunity to showcase their talent, creativity and imagination.

Thank you to Impact Hub Harare co-founder Aretha Mare for leading Team Zimbabwe, who performed outstandingly only to fall short of heroic victory in their last match. Zimbabwean prodigies are creating an awesome tech future!

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